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Album Mittageisen front

Release Date:
September 1979 Polydor Records
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Album Tracks:
7" single
Song: Mittageisen (Metal Postcard)
Album Downside Up
Mittageisen (Metal Postcard)


Downside Up (Disc 1)

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3 of 17

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Lyrics, Voice & Melodica



Steven Severin


John McGeoch



Contributing Artists:

Dave Woods & Renate (German Translation)

Additional Info:

Double A Side with Love In A Void

"Mittageisen" is a single by the English band Siouxsie and the Banshees. Originally appearing on the band's 1978 debut album The Scream as "Metal Postcard (Mittageisen)", the track was re-recorded in 1979 with this time the lyrics sung in German.

The title "Mittageisen" is a word play based on the German words "Mittagessen" (literally: "noon meal", i.e. Lunch) and Eisen ("iron"). The title was inspired by John Heartfield's photocollage Hurrah, die Butter ist Alle![1] ("Hurray, the Butter is Finished!"), that was also used as front cover art.

John Heartfield's photocollage was initially used on the frontpage of the "Arbeiter-Illustrierte-Zeitung / Workers Illustrated Journal", published on 19 December 1935. Heartfield (1891–1968) was an early member of the Club Dada, which started 1916 as Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich. The picture with the title 'Hurrah, die Butter ist Alle! / Hurray, the butter is finished!' shows a family who eats various pieces of metal. The trigger for it was the following quote from Hermann Göring: "Iron always made a nation strong, butter and lard only made the people fat."

"Mittageisen" was composed by Banshees members Siouxsie Sioux, John McKay, Kenny Morris and Steven Severin, the lyrics were translated by Dave Woods.[2] The single is dedicated to John Heartfield.

The other song, "Love in a Void" was composed by Sioux, and former short-lived Banshee guitarist Peter Fenton. The track was an early live favourite, but had not been properly recorded until this release.

The record was promoted as a double A-side release at the time, but only "Mittageisen" was tracked on the UK singles chart, where it peaked at number 47. Nevertheless, "Love in a Void" was included on the 1981 compilation Once Upon a Time: The Singles. Putative A-side "Mittageisen" later appeared on the band's B-side compilation Downside Up.

"Mittageisen" was later covered by Massive Attack as "Superpredators (Metal Postcard)" in 1997 on the soundtrack to the film The Jackal. "Love in a Void" was later covered by black metal group Darkthrone, on their Too Old, Too Cold EP. The Swiss band Mittageisen was named after this song.

Mittageisen (Metal Postcard) LyricsEdit


♪♫Mittageisen (single) Lyrics♫♪

Reunion beginnt Mit einem Glas Quecksilber Fernsehen flimmert Fur noch eine nachricht Flinten beleuchten die augen Der stzenden familie

Metall ist stark metall wilt scheinen verrostet nicht wenn geschmiert und rein Metall ist stark metall will scheinen Metall regiert in meinem meister plan

Mit mechanischem rucken Pflücken die taschen uhrzähne Zum mittageisen Freitag Im rückprall sagt Verzeihung Zurück musz ich kehren Meine liebe maschinerie

Es beherrscht unser leben Es bringt kein heil Ich schreibe ein paar zeilen Das wetter hier ist fein Doch dröhnt es tag und nacht Durch loutsprecher

Written By: Lyric credit pending!



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