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Album Superstition front

Release Date:
10 June 1991 Polydor Records (UK) Geffen Records, Inc. (USA)
Dulcimer, Keyboards and Cellos:
Bass and Keyboards:
Drums, Percussion and Keyboards:
Alternative rock, new wave
Album Tracks:
Other contributing artists:
Stephen Hague (Producer), Talvin Singh (percussion, tabla, tavil player), Mike Drake and Spike Drake (engineers), Donna Francesca (photographer) and other Various Artists.

Album Sequence:

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The Rapture
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Superstition is the tenth studio album by Siouxsie and the Banshees, released in 1991. The first single, "Kiss Them for Me" gave the band its first top-forty Billboard Hot 100 hit in the United States, peaking at number 23. The band widened their musical influences with the arrival of Indian musician Talvin Singh, who was asked to play tablas on the songs "Kiss Them for Me" and "Silver Waterfalls".


Q magazine hailed the record : "They pop it up with sweet string textures on the single 'Kiss Them For Me', bear down on the maritime metaphor of 'Drifter' with doomy foghorn and bells effects, give it the all but Twin Peaks dreamscape for 'Softly'."[1] Melody Maker highly praised its first single: "Kiss Them for Me is gorgeous, wicked, and glamorous"[2] NME wrote : "With the delicious 'Kiss Them For Me' gracing the Gallup Top 40 with a touch of real class, the release of Siouxsie & The Banshees' 10th studio LP could not have come at a better time. 'Superstition' is a giant of a record, casting a sinister shadow over the listener in true Banshee style." [3]


The album was produced by Stephen Hague, known for working with New Order and Pet Shop Boys among many others. Hague used techniques that Siouxsie Sioux did not approve of later, such as computer-based production. She stated: "There are still songs I like on it, like Kiss Them For Me and Drifter, but we were trying a different kind of working style, a different kind of discipline, during which I really built a strong case against computers."[4]

Track listingEdit

All songs by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

  1. "Kiss Them for Me" – 4:37
  2. "Fear (of the Unknown)" – 4:10
  3. "Cry" – 3:33
  4. "Drifter" – 4:43
  5. "Little Sister" – 3:21
  6. "Shadowtime" – 4:28
  7. "Silly Thing" – 4:41
  8. "Got to Get Up" – 3:17
  9. "Silver Waterfalls" – 4:24
  10. "Softly" – 6:00
  11. "The Ghost in You" – 5:01



Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1991 Billboard 200 65

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1991 "Kiss Them for Me" Hot Dance Music/Club Play 8
1991 "Kiss Them for Me" Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales 19
1991 "Kiss Them for Me" Modern Rock Tracks 1
1991 "Kiss Them for Me" Billboard Hot 100 23
1991 "Shadowtime" Modern Rock Tracks 13
1992 "Fear (Of the Unknown)" Hot Dance Music/Club Play 6
1992 "Fear (Of the Unknown)" Modern Rock Tracks 12


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